Automatic Coin Counter Piggy Bank – Ideal Change Organizer and Saver


You can count your coins and save money better with this change counter piggy bank
This can accurately count the coins that you put and display it on the LCD screen as well
It has an addition and subtraction button that you can use by pressing each button for three seconds
Material: ABS + electronic components / Weight: 0.3kg / Size: 12 x 12 x 20.5cm
Battery Life: 10 months – 1 year / Maximum storage: 800 – 1000 coins
Package Content:

1 x Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank

Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank
Automatic Coin Counter Piggy Bank - Ideal Change Organizer and Saver $29.90

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Change Counter Automatic Coin Piggy Bank

Instilling prudent saving habits and money management skills can be highly beneficial, and the use of piggy banks is a traditional method for encouraging such practices. They provide an uncomplicated means of storing spare change for future use. However, without the capacity to maintain a running total of cash saved, tracking the accumulation of funds can become difficult. It often requires breaking open the piggy bank to count the coins. Therefore, for those with a specific savings goal in mind, this automatic coin piggy bank offers a viable solution. This is fitted with a change counter, helping you better keep track of your savings without resorting to the manual counting of coins.

Accurate Counter with LCD Display

While it might resemble an ordinary container, this piggy bank comes fitted with an advanced change counter lid for stress-free coin tallying. In comparison to conventional piggy banks, this device offers a more user-friendly way to manage your savings. The counter recognizes the value of every coin inserted into it and tallies it up accurately. Furthermore, it features an LCD display on the lid that shows you the current total of your savings.

Add and Subtract Mode

This piggy bank is designed with two buttons on the lid, each allowing the ability to either add or subtract an amount by simply holding down the button for three seconds. In addition, this coin piggy bank offers ample storage space, so there’s plenty of room to start adding to your savings.