Cable Management Sleeve Zipper Wrap


This Cable Management Sleeve is suitable for home and office use; It can be used for all wires
It has a zipper for easy installation and removal of the sleeve; Effectively organizes and covers wires
Durable and doesn’t tear easily; Not conductive to electricity so it is safer
Material: Neoprene
Size (LxW): 51 x 11 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Cable Management Sleeve

100 in stock

Cable Management Sleeve Zipper Wrap
Cable Management Sleeve Zipper Wrap $16.34

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Cable Management Sleeve Zipper Wrap
Organize your electronics and gadgets with this Cable Management Sleeve Zipper Wrap! It is ideal for both home and office use. Nowadays, almost all our things at home and electric-powered from kitchen appliances to personal devices. Because of this, you can expect already that you will have a lot of cables and this will only make a mess at home. The best thing to do to organize them is to get a cable management sleeve. It is high-quality and suitable for almost all types of wires and cords. Each set comes with one piece of a sleeve in the color black so it can blend in easily with your other things and won’t be too distracting.
For Safety Purposes
There are so many tools that you can use to organize cords. But what makes this one unique from the others is that it doesn’t only organize the wirings but really covers it. This makes it much safer because it doesn’t expose the wires. This way, there is a lesser chance that you will accidentally touch it and hurt yourself. Also, this sleeve has a zipper to allows you to easily put it on or remove it any time. The advantage of this is that you can remove the sleeve whenever you need to without ruining or disorganizing the wires again. This cable management sleeve is perfect for computer tables. It is also suitable for any part of your home where you use many devices at once.
Neoprene Material
The best part about it is that it is of neoprene material. Neoprene is a cloth-like material but it is thicker and more durable. The advantage of having a cloth cable sleeve is that it does not conduct electricity, unlike metals. This allows it to be safer to handle because it is less likely that you will get electrocuted. It is also high-quality enough not to wear and tear easily but can still be cut so you can use the exact length you need.