Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle


Create delicious coffee using this coffee maker pot, a high heat-resistant material perfect for brewing
This is simple and easy to use and has a V-shaped spout to precisely and carefully pour your coffee
It has a nice design that is perfect as a gift, it is also durable and can be used on an open flame
Material: Aluminum
Capacity Variants:

150mL: 150 x 80mm (3 cups)
300mL: 195 x 97mm (6 cups)

Package Content:

1 x Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle

Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle
Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle $34.78$36.03

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Coffee Maker Pot Aluminum Kettle
Not many people are morning persons. Waking up early in the morning full of energy and motivation to go about on their day rarely ever happens for a lot of people. Especially those who are not morning persons. That is why they need something to wake them up and give them the energy they need to start their day. And what better drink to do that than coffee? Coffee is a big part of people’s routine daily as this is their go-to drink when they feel sleepy or restless. So, make some delicious coffee by having the right equipment to make it. Use this coffee maker pot to easily help you prepare your favorite coffee with less hassle and effort. Consequently, there are a lot of ways to make coffee. However, some of them are too complicated to do in comparison to this pot.
Easy to Use
This is not your typical kettle that simply boils water. Instead, this kettle pot has two parts. On the bottom part is where you put the water. On it as well is where you also put the coffee granules or powder. Then you just simply heat this kettle pot. You can heat this on a stove with an open flame, an alcohol lamp, or an electric furnace. Regardless, it will work just as well no matter which you use since this has great material. From the bottom part, the coffee is then released on the upper part of this coffee maker. This makes your coffee more delicious and ready to pour on your cup.
High-Temperature Resistance
The aluminum metal of this coffee maker pot prevents it from getting damaged from high heat. So, this makes this pot a durable one to use. Also, the spout can precisely pour the coffee to your cup without any spills or splashes.