Compact Clip-on Mobile Microphone for Crystal Clear Sound Quality


A portable small microphone that you can install conveniently on your mobile phone
Allows you to record clear and quality audio for your videos and sound recording using your smartphone
With clip-on feature making it secure and flexible to use
Material: eco-friendly plastic / Sensitivity: -52dB ± 5dB / Directionality: All point / Impedance: ≤ 2.2kΩ / Frequency range: 30HZ-15KHz
Plug diameter: 3.5mm / Wire length: about 2m
Package content:

1 x Mobile Microphone with Bracket

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Mobile Microphone Clip-on Mic
Compact Clip-on Mobile Microphone for Crystal Clear Sound Quality $14.90

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Mobile Microphone Clip-on Mic

The Mobile Microphone ​Clip-on Mic ⁤is a convenient addition to your smartphone accessories. Its sleek and compact‌ design allows for easy usage, increasing the value and functionality of your⁢ mobile device. Nowadays, smartphones aren’t simply used for making calls. They’re multi-functional devices capable of efficient, high-quality performance across various tasks, especially​ with the aid⁣ of extra accessories. When ‌it comes to video recording, smartphones​ often deliver high-definition visuals, but audio quality can sometimes‌ be lacking. Enhance​ your video’s sound quality with this mobile‌ microphone for crisp and clear audio recording.

Functional and Handy Phone Mic

If you’re⁣ someone who ‍enjoys documenting‌ your life through videos, ​whether ⁤for personal, professional, or academic reasons, this portable microphone is an ‍essential accessory for you. It’s particularly useful for ⁤vloggers, allowing⁤ them to deliver⁤ clear and audible sound for their viewers. Go beyond the constraints of your phone’s built-in microphone,⁣ supplement your device with this clip-on mic for superior audio⁣ results.

Resilient and Flexible Wire

Constructed from robust and single-core shielded cable, this‌ portable microphone is designed for‌ longevity ​and durability. It comes ‌with a 2-meter‌ wire length, enabling free movement and​ flexibility as you record. The microphone also features a clip, providing a ‍secure fasten onto your clothing or any material, adding to its overall flexibility and usability. This design makes it‌ suitable for use ⁣across a ⁣range of phone brands, further ​enhancing its convenience.