Document Storage Box Large Capacity


With large storage has packets for you to organize and segregate your documents properly
Easy to carry since it has a handle on both sides and has a hand strap for hand carrying
With number combination lock to secure your documents inside it
Material: linen, cotton
Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 20cm
Package content:

1 x Document Storage Box Large Capacity / 4 x removable mesh packets

Document Storage Box Large Capacity
Document Storage Box Large Capacity $61.85

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Document Storage Box Large Capacity
This document storage box is certainly useful in keeping your important papers. Organize your documents especially at home so it’s easier to find when you need it. Moreover, being organized can help you save time, money, effort, and energy. If you have proper places for everything that you have, then life will be a breeze. Likewise, everyone at home will be happy since no one is looking for something that they cannot find. So start organizing and arranging your things now. Give it a proper and permanent place to give you convenience. And of course, use this document storage box when keeping your important documents.
Secure and Large Storage Space
To give you confidence in keeping your documents, this storage bag has a password lock. With this, you can set a number combination to lock up the items inside. Now you can be assured that it is secure. Moreover, it has no key so you don’t need to worry about looking for a key anymore. You just need to memorize your number combination and its good to go. Likewise, to give you more storage space, this box is bigger than any document boxes or bags. And you can choose from the type of pouches that you want to use here. The available packets and pouches can surely help you even more in segregating your documents properly and neatly.
Waterproof and Convenient to Use
When you got a lot of documents to keep, then this box is just right for you. Likewise, it has a waterproof material, making it safe from liquids and spillages. And to give you more convenience in using it, this box has handles on each side for easy carrying. Moreover, it has a hand strap for you to carry it on your hand. This is certainly perfect in keeping documents at home and in the office.