Puppy Carry Bag Pet Travel Handbag


A convenient bag that can help you transport your pet
It has a well-inforced strap and a furry inner material
Can help your pet feel confident and comfortable
Material: Jean, PV Plush, Sponge
Size: 50 x 32 x 26cm
Package Includes:

1 x Puppy Carry Bag Pet Travel Handbag

100 in stock

Puppy Carry Bag Pet Travel Handbag
Puppy Carry Bag Pet Travel Handbag $38.90

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Puppy Carry Bag Pet Travel Handbag
Put your Puppy inside this Carry Bag so you can bring them along wherever you go! This is a breathable travel handbag that you can use in transporting your pet every time you have an important appointment outdoors. It can be freely used wherever you go especially if you want your pet to have a good time with other animals. Giving your dog or cat some time playing with other animals can give a positive effect on them. Just like humans, they also need to enjoy the beauty of the environment. It would be nice if you let them experience the fresh air and colorful world outside your house. Pets also have moods. It can help you build your pet good attitude if you are considerate of their feelings.
Carrying Pets Conveniently 
If you are a person who loves to carry your pet anywhere you are, this is a perfect bag for you because you can keep them inside. But always remember that large pets won’t fit inside only the small ones. In fact, its good quality zipper will enable you to secure your loving pet without any difficulty. Now they won’t fall that easily and they can also take a good look outside with their head exposed. Having this bag is a good way to take your pet on a walk. Once you arrive at the park, you can remove your pet inside the bag and let them move freely on the floor. It is a convenient material and you can always use it essentially.
Multipurpose Material
This is a multipurpose material because you can also use it as a pet bed. Once you open the bag, it can become a reliable plush bed that your pet can use inside the vehicle or while sleeping at home.