Short Curtain Tulle Window Drape


The tulle material of this curtain allows more sunlight and fresh air to get inside your house
The simple yet design makes this perfect to use in decorating your windows
It has ribbon straps so it can hold the curtain up
Material: 100% polyester
Package content: 1 x Short Curtain Tulle Window Drape

Short Curtain Tulle Window Drape
Short Curtain Tulle Window Drape $23.87$28.15

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Short Curtain Tulle Window Drape
Use this short curtain in covering your window and it can certainly add a pretty decoration. Moreover, it’s light material makes it perfect to use in the kitchen so you can let the sunlight in. Having curtains around your house can give you more privacy. It can conceal the view of your home from the outside. With this, you can be more confident in moving around inside the house. Likewise, it can give you security since people outside can’t get to see the activities that you do inside your house. These are some advantages of adding a curtain to your window. Get the one that suits your taste and you will certainly love it.
Elegant and Pretty Decor
Adding this short curtain to your window can give an accent to your room. Likewise, its simple yet elegant design makes it perfect to hang on any window you have at home. This is ideal to use in small windows in the kitchen or bedroom. And since it has 2 straps made of satin ribbon, you can have the option to hold the curtain up. This way, you can let more sunlight in your room. Likewise, if you open your window, you can allow a lot of fresh air to circulate too. You can have a comfortable house to stay in.
Functional and Practical Drapes
This curtain is practical to use in your home. Its white tulle main material is perfect to hang on windows where you want to let some sunlight in. Moreover, its varying color accents allow you to match it with the color of your wall or other furniture. It is easy to use and clean to give you convenience. Likewise, you can choose from the different sizes available for you to fit it perfectly with the size of your window.