Universal Key Cutting Blade for All Horizontal Key Machines


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Key Cutting Blade 16x60x6MM For All Horizontal Key Machine Disk Cutter Locksmith
Universal Key Cutting Blade for All Horizontal Key Machines $16.11

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Discover the fantastic features of a Locksmith Disk Cutter Blade ⁢designed for all⁤ horizontal key machines. This brand new, top-of-the-line product assures premium quality and performance.

With⁣ its dense tooth shape, it precisely prepares various copper keys, typical for the​ center of a 16MM hole for various brands‍ of horizontal key machines. Its robust design includes‍ a blade with an outer diameter of 60MM, an inner diameter of 16MM, and a thickness of 6MM.

The blade has a ⁤sleek, gray finish, constructed with ⁣a durable carbide⁤ alloy. Its dimensions – a compact, efficient size of 16x60x6mm -⁢ make it easy⁤ to store ⁣and transport.

Don’t worry about special coatings; this blade⁣ stands out without a coating requirement. It’s ‍designed to​ work seamlessly with your key machine, serving as a ⁤reliable ally in your lock-related endeavours.

The ⁢package comes with a single Key Cutting ⁣Blade, masterfully designed to ensure best results.

Now let’s take​ a closer⁤ look at ‍the ⁣Disk Cutter Blade -⁣ the epitome of high-quality craftsmanship.