Vein Finder Light Infrared Imaging


Use this vein finder to make the veins more visible and you can inject the needle properly
This device is portable and handheld which makes it convenient to use
It emits bright warm light so the veins become more visible
Material: ABS/ Detecting Depth: <10mm
Size: 90 x 47mm/ Min Vein Detection: 0.1mm
Power adapter: 110V-220V 50-60Hz
Package Contents:

1 x Vein Finder Infrared Imaging Light
1 x Power Cable

Vein Finder Light Infrared Imaging
Vein Finder Light Infrared Imaging $59.90

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Vein Finder Light Infrared Imaging
In order to make sure that we are healthy, going to regular check-ups and doctor appointments are important. This is to check your body and its status. In doing so, there are various treatments and procedures that you can go through depending on your case. One of the most common procedures that almost all kinds of patients go through is getting blood samples and injections. This procedure is an important step in order to check different factors of the body. In the same way, doctors and nurses inject IV on a patient when they get admitted and when they are sick. However, in order to inject the needle properly, the doctor or the nurse need to first find the right vein. This can be a challenging part since you don’t want to hurt your patient as much as possible. So, do it well with this vein finder light.
Portable and Handheld
You can easily use this vein finder whenever you need to inject a needle to a patient. It is better to be safe than sorry so use this every time to make sure you inject the needle well. More so, it is very convenient for you since it is in a portable size. With this, you can take this with you anywhere you might need to use it. This is perfect when you go to medical missions in remote places. What is even better is that it is handheld. This makes it very convenient to use. You no longer have to experience any hassle in operating this.
Bright and Effective
This vein finder works by emitting a warm light. Consequently, when you press this light against your skin, you will then find your veins more visible. Now, this device emits bright warm light which in turn makes it more effective in making the veins more visible.