Hourglass Sand Timer Glass Decor


This Hourglass Sand Timer has a simple yet elegant design perfect as a home decor
A functional timer that has a total time span of up to 5 minutes
Ideal for timing different activities such as cooking, exercising or meditating
Size: 5cm x 12.5cm / Weight: 72g
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Package Contents:

1 x Hourglass Sand Timer

Hourglass Sand Timer Glass Decor
Hourglass Sand Timer Glass Decor $17.50

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Hourglass Sand Timer Glass Decor
This Hourglass Sand Timer is suitable for the timing of different activities at home! It is a unique timer that can also serve as a decoration! While phones and other gadgets offer digital timers, there is still something so unique and fascinating about using an hourglass. For one, it doesn’t give you numbers or figures so it is a bit more challenging to tell how much time is left. And most people don’t mind this because this is what makes the hourglass so interesting. It is basically a thing where when you flip it to one side, the sand inside will start filling up the other compartment. Once all the sand is at the bottom compartment, you would know that time is up already.
Functional Timer
The good thing about it is that it is not just a decoration at home or at the office. It can really serve as a functional timer. You can use this for different activities such as cooking or exercising. It is perfect for meditation as well because the grains of sand that fall from it can be very calming. This hourglass has a time span of about five minutes. This means that when you see all the sand particles at the bottom, five minutes have already elapsed.
Transparent Decor
This hourglass has a simple yet very elegant look. Its material is transparent so you can clearly see each particle of sand as it slips down into the bottom compartment. This makes it a great decoration because it looks very attractive. Also, it is suitable for killing time. You can flip it around when you are in your office waiting for new ideas to hit you. It can also be a great tool for helping people manage anger issues. It can be very helpful to stare at the moving sand whenever you feel stressed or angry as it can effectively help you calm down.