Pet Food Mat Waterproof Pad


This Pet Food Mat makes the cleaning up after the pets more convenient
It collects food particles for easy disposal and it is a non-slip pet food mat
The mat is waterproof,  easy to clean and flexible so it can be rolled easily

Material: Silicone

Length: 31 cm / Width: 26 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Pet Food Mat

Pet Food Mat Waterproof Pad
Pet Food Mat Waterproof Pad $19.08

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Pet Food Mat Waterproof Pad
Cleaning up after your pet doesn’t have to be a hassle with this Pet Food Mat Waterproof Pad! It is convenient and a must-have for all pet owners! Feeding pets is a daily chore that people have to do two to three times daily. The problem is that pets can make a lot of mess as they eat. It is always such a hassle to clean up after them because the food will be all over the place. To make things more convenient for you, use this pet food mat instead. It catches all the food particles that might fall from the food bowl for easy disposal later on.
Non-Slip Mat
With this mat, you can dispose of the food particles conveniently by simply directing the mat to a garbage bag or bin. Another advantage of using this mat aside from easy clean up is that it keeps the food bowl in place. Sometimes, pets can get too excited when they eat that their bowls move around the place easily. When this happens, it can make a much bigger mess and that is why it’s best to keep it in place. This mat can effectively do that for you since it is non-slip. It is silicone which means that it can provide a better grip for the food bowl so it won’t slide or flip easily.
Foldable and Convenient
The best part is that you can store it and travel with it without the hassle. Since it is silicone, you can roll it into a much smaller size to save room when not in use. It is also perfect for traveling because it is lightweight. Aside from that, this mat is waterproof and therefore, easy to clean. By simply running water over it, you can remove the stains. It doesn’t absorb liquid so removing the stains won’t be difficult. Just like that, you can dry the mat right away and it will be ready for use already.