Plant Clips 50PCS Gardening Accessories


These Plant Clips keep branches and stem together to guide plants as they grow
These clips are suitable for plants that have a lot of branches and grow tall
Made of plastic material that is waterproof and doesn’t rust so it is ideal for outdoors
Material: Plastic
Size: approx. 2.6 x 2 cm
Package Contents:

50 x Plant Clips

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Plant Clips 50PCS Gardening Accessories
Plant Clips 50PCS Gardening Accessories $17.50

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Plant Clips 50PCS Gardening Accessories
Grow your plants beautifully without the hassle using these Plant Clips 50PCS Gardening Accessories! They are suitable for outdoor use and are high-quality! Gardening is a rewarding hobby. For some people, it is just like keeping a pet where you take care of them and watch them grow. The difference is that plants can’t move around so you have to provide all its needs right where it is planted. More than just water, soil and sunlight, there are a few other things that plants might need as they grow. Here’s how these plant clips will come in handy for you.
Suitable for Plants
The main purpose of these clips is to keep stems and thin branches together. Some plants, when they grow taller, they start to bend at an angle. If you ignore this and let them grow like that, they will have a very messy look that will take up a lot of space in your garden. These clips secure the branch or stem in a certain position so it can grow upwards and not sideward. The clips are easy to use and have a diameter that is wide enough to fit regular stems inside it. It clips the plants in a way that won’t harm them so they can continue growing healthily.
Plastic Material
Each set comes with fifty pieces of plant clips that are of plastic material. The advantage of plastic is that it is able to withstand different weathers better than wood or metal. It is waterproof and it doesn’t rust too so it won’t be toxic to your plant over time. Each clip is semi-flexible so it can adjust to the force that the plants cause as the stems try to pull away from each other. They are suitable for many different plants especially those that grow taller and have a lot of branches.