Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool


With this foot scrubber stone, you can effectively get rid of dead skin on your feet and make them softer
This stone has a rough surface texture yet can gently and effectively scrub off dead skin
It has a string attached so you can hang and keep this stone scrubber, it is easy to clean as well
Material: Pumice Stone
Size: 9 x 4.5 x 1.5cm
Package Content:

1 x Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool

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Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool
Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool $9.95

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Foot Scrubber Stone Pedicure Tool
Our feet receive a lot of friction from all the walking that we do. Not to mention, the shoes and other footwear that we wear add to that friction on our feet. So eventually we find our feet getting rougher and dry. Dead skin can build-up in all parts of the body. However, the feet usually get rough from dead skin cells more often than other body parts. Especially when it comes to the sole of our feet. Now, when it comes to this, washing with normal water and soap will not get rid of the tough dead skin cells and make your feet soft again. So, use this foot scrubber stone to effectively remove the dead skin and to make the skin on your feet soft and beautiful again. This is a great pedicure tool that can restore the softness of your feet in no time.
Effective Scrubber
At first glance, this may look like a regular stone. However, it is more than that and can actually work effectively as a scrubber. More so, you can use this to scrub rough parts of your skin that have dead skin. This stone has a rough texture that is effective in removing dead skin when you rub it against your skin. Despite its rough texture, it is gentle enough to the skin in removing dead skin. As long as you don’t scrub it too roughly on the skin. Now, you can leave the shower with smoother and softer skin like a baby.
Attached String
You can hang this easily in your bathroom since this one has a string attached to it. This makes it easier for you to keep this and keep it clean. More than that, this is easy to clean and wash since it is a stone.