Silicone Chair Leg Caps 16PCS Set


These Silicone Chair Leg Caps help preserve the chair’s quality for a long time
It prevents scratches on the floor and also prevents the chair from slipping
The caps are flexible and durable at the same time and it can fit many chair sizes

Material: Durable Soft Silicone
Bottom Diameter: 20mm
Package Contents:

16 x Silicone Chair Leg Caps

100 in stock

Silicone Chair Leg Caps 16PCS Set
Silicone Chair Leg Caps 16PCS Set $13.89

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Silicone Chair Leg Caps 16PCS Set
These Silicone Chair Leg Caps will make sure your furniture will last for a long time! Each set comes with 16 pieces of leg caps! It is suitable for many types of chairs. Not all chairs come with anti-slip rubbers on their feet. Most of them, however, simply have bare ones and because of this, they can damage and wear down easily. Because you will be moving the chair front to back and vice versa whenever you would sit on it, there is a lot of friction on its feet. Over time, the friction will cause it to corrode and deform which will make it imbalanced. To prevent that from happening, get these silicone chair leg caps instead.
One of the main purposes of these leg caps is to serve as a barrier between the chair and the floor. By reducing direct friction, it can preserve the quality of the chair as well as the floor. This will reduce the markings and scratches that the chair leaves on the floor due to the friction between them. Also, these chair leg caps prevent the chairs from slipping off easily. Each set comes with 16 pieces of them so you can cover many chairs with it.
Flexible and Durable
The best part is that they are of silicone material which means that they are flexible but still durable enough to last for a long time. They can also fit better to many chair sizes because it will be easy to put them on. These are round leg caps which means that it is more suitable for chairs with round-shaped legs. As easy as they are to put on, they are just as easy to remove as well for your convenience when cleaning them. Finally, it has an additional non-slip at the bottom aside from the silicone.