USB Fingerprint Reader Easy Log-in


A plug-in fingerprint reader device compatible with Windows 10 32/64 Bits with latest Windows Hello Features
Enjoy password-free log-in while keeping your data secure; Sensitive reader, scans and matches in 2 seconds
Supports 360-degree fingerprint matching; Accurate and responsive
Material: ABS + Metal / Plug: USB 2.0/3.0 Interface
Finger Reading Limit: 5+ Fingers, 360 Degree Touch / Speed: 2 Seconds
Size: 2 x 1.7 x 1.2cm (L x W x H) /  Net Weight: 5g
Package Content:

1 x USB Fingerprint Reader

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USB Fingerprint Reader Easy Log-in
USB Fingerprint Reader Easy Log-in $38.99

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USB Fingerprint Reader Easy Log-in
Are you weak at remembering passwords? Do you always need to reset your passcode because you always forget what your last passcode was? Do you wish there was an easier way to log-in to your PC or laptop without compromising your security? Then, it’s time to use the USB fingerprint reader! This is a plug-in device that scans and reads your fingerprint. Through this device, you no longer need to remember your password, or set any passwords at all! All you have to do is scan your fingerprint and voila, instant access! What’s amazing about this device is that you get easy access to your devices without compromising your security. In fact, a fingerprint is even more secure than a password. You can share your password, but never your fingerprint because it’s unique to you! So, enjoy password-free sign-in while still keeping your devices secure!
This USB fingerprint reader is a plug-in device. It is ideal for those laptops and PCs that do not have a built-in fingerprint scanner. This device is compatible with laptops and PCs with Windows 10 OS 32/64 Bits with the latest Windows Hello features. It has a super-sensitive sensor that reads the fingerprint even from a 360-degree angle. It’s the fastest and safest way to log in to your devices. In fact, this scanner will only take 2 seconds to read your fingerprint! That is so much faster than you scanning into your list of passwords, searching for it, and finally typing it on the password bar!
Security Zone
What’s even more amazing about this device is that it does not only secure you in the logging in. You can even set a “security zone” folder. So, what is the security zone folder? It’s a folder in your PC that you set with a fingerprint passcode. So, anything that you move into this folder will be protected by a fingerprint passcode. Now, that’s what cybersecurity is all about!